Office of Professional Responsibility

Sexual Harassment Policy

OPR: Sexual Harassment Policy

Every gamer who’s been in multiple clans, communities or guilds has seen first hand the atrocious treatment of female gamer’s in particular – so much so that a large portion of female gamer’s form communities in which only females can join.

Subversive Gaming is lucky to have the belief that everyone should be treated fairly, with respect and equally. Also we moderate our community and network to ensure that our members have their right to feel safe when part of SG. When someone, anyone, threatens the safety of our members we shall come down hard and root the weed out before it gets out of control.

Due to the nature of the code and this policy, all reports of sexual harassment have to be investigated in full, screenshots from the harassed member and anyone else the “offender” may have targeted. Should the Office of Professional Responsibility have enough evidence to support action, they will make a recommendation to the Council as to what action should be taken. As this is a zero tolerance policy, it will likely result in the immediate removal of the offender(s).

Should their not be sufficient evidence to warrant a ban, OPR will advise the Council of their findings and monitor the situation closely for any changes. Should another report come in against the same offender, all evidence found from the first investigation will be added to the recent one.

Zero tolerance policy means that anyone who the Office of Professional Responsibility has found to be in breach of this code will likely be banned from Subversive Gaming, its events and discord server. Unless the Council is advised of an “exceptional circumstance” or mitigating circumstances that would sway the vote away from a ban, the course of action is almost always going to be a ban.