Proximate Cause Policy

Voted in by The Council 2nd November 2020

The Proximate Cause Policy is a tool that gives our Office of Professional Responsibility powers to request and investigate any behaviour, chats, content etc. that led up to a member breaching one of our Codes of Conduct. For example, provided that OPR finds that a member has been harassing the offender of a breach for months, and it boiled up to a point where they breached a serious code in response to the harassment; the harassing member will be subject to the same action or worse.

Subversive Gaming should be a place where any moderation is fair and fully investigated, we want to make sure that if you breach one of our codes as a result of someone elses behaviour, that they are subject to moderation as well.

Whether this policy is applicable to a case is determined first by the Deputy Director of OPR, but also when presenting the case to The Council they will decide whether there is sufficient evidence or reason to use this policy to action someone.