Proper Leadership Conduct Policy

The Leadership Misconduct Policy was passed by The Council 10th November 2020

All Subversive Gaming leaders and Councillors are expected to exude proper conduct, leadership skills, and a high level of professionalism and maturity. Accepting a leadership position is a privilege and a choice. The member is allowed to step down, as well as be asked to step down.  If the member cannot handle the responsibility, please do not accept the position offered.

Under this policy, all leaders are expected to act and behave in a way that does not paint Subversive Gaming in a negative light. All leaders are expected to fulfil the minimum duties expected of them, which they agreed to when they accepted the promotion.
Any leader who breaches the Codes of Conduct will also have breached this policy, meaning that all their breaches now contain an aggravating factor – something The Council will have to consider and often resulting in a more severe action or punishment.
Whilst in leadership, you’re a representative of Subversive Gaming whether you’re in our server, in game, social media etc. So we expect a high standard of behavior from our leaders wherever they are.