Favourite Streamers

Below you’ll find Subversive Gaming’s favourite streamers that are not members of our community, but are part of the wider network of the small streamer community. Our message has always been to support other; gamers, streamers, eSports teams and communities regardless of whether they’re a member of or affiliated with Subversive Gaming. We support anyone with the same ethos as us, and these streamers are some of the finest, kindest and most genuine souls you’ll ever find whilst surfing Twitch for someone to watch.

There’s no order, we won’t rate them in some hierarchy – they’re just streamers that we love to watch!

@theb1onde twitch



Theb1onde, or Steph, is one of the funniest streamers I’ve found on Twitch. Everything in-game and on stream is taken in stride and rolls off like water off a ducks back. As Steph is hosted by one of our members, hers is a name that pops up frequently when going live. Steph will play a variety of games, including; Fall Guys, Fortnite and more recently the trending Among Us! Her schedule shows her as an almost daily streamer, usually going live from 8pm-12am EST Mondays through Fridays.

On occasion, viewers will get the opportunity to play with Steph and she will often set aside a lot of time for them, but usually it’s something that’s reserved for sub’s and followers who’ve spent five thousand hugs (her channel points). As her stream grows, we know that not only will Steph be happy, but she’ll remain the humble young woman she’s always been. One of our all time favourites, and one to watch out for a Twitch Partner announcement on her Twitter feed, because she will get there.

Since starting streaming back in May 2020, her channel grew increasingly more popular and never really evened out. Starting 208 followers at the start of July, and at last count 1,333 followers now. Her channel has the potential of blowing up!

theb1onde Twitch streamer
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TheErica is one of the sweetest streamers out there, always so kind to her viewers, asking how they are and often will offer her ear if they need someone to talk to. Her favourite games include; Valorant, Banished, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy but you’ll more than likely find her streaming Valorant or recently some Among Us. Back in the day you’d find her playing games like Roller Coaster Tycoon or Age of Empires, the classics of course.

During her adolescent years, Erica was incredibly well travelled. She’s travelled to places like; Botswana, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, France and of course the United States. To her credit, Erica is also fluent in the French language, so can offer her streams to a wider audience in Europe and Canada.We love her, she promotes the support of other streamers and she’s recently joined with Team Noble, a prominent stream community. Check her out, give her a follow and see for yourself!

We have some statistics for Erica’s twitch, from what we can see Erica started streaming back in February this year. Her channel was steadily growing from February until July when it really just took on a life of its own! At the beginning of July 2020, Erica had around 98 followers and by the end of July she ended with 257. Between August and September, it more than doubled and she has 542 and up to present day Erica now has 642 followers. Her peak viewer count on a stream since she started was 64 and Erica has streamed for over 201 hours since her channels beginning!  

In the last seven days, Erica has gained 45 new followers after streaming for 15 hours and had a peak viewer count of 59!

theerica twitch streamer
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Ashley is a French-Canadian streamer that offers as full a package possible, Ashley is incredibly talented at playing Fortnite, she interacts with as many viewers in her chat as possible (which is no easy feat, her average viewer count since she started streaming is 45, but recently it’s peaked at 126 viewers) and Ashley is just breathtakingly stunning. 

Only recently starting streaming, Ashley has really hit the ground running. I’ve run some numbers on her channel and it’s astonishing how well she’s doing! To say someone blew up overnight is usually a phrase, but in Ashley’s case it’s true. On Monday 23rd March 2020 she had 459 followers on Twitch, and then Tuesday 24th March she blows up and has 8,605 followers. It’s impressive, the graph I’m looking at now shows a steep incline between April and May 2020 that gets her from from 8,605 followers to 18,690 by May 1st 2020. After that Ashley steadily grows!

Over the last seven days alone, Ashley has gained over two hundred and sixty new followers over the fifteen hours she’s streamed. But the statistics only show how well she’s doing, but don’t say anything about why we love her! It’s hard to put into words exactly why Ashley is one of our favourites; is it her personality? Is it how talented she is? All we can say is that you really have to find out for yourselves! 

AshleyDiorr Twitch streamer
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