Handouts and Begging Policy

This policy was passed by The Council 10th November 2020

With precedent set by The Council a couple of months ago when a member asked for a post that in effect asked for donations to go towards funeral costs to be posted in our discord, we should set a firm policy outlining our stance on this kind of posting/behavior.

No member can post or ask that a leader post any message that either directly or indirectly asks for donations (donations to Subversive Gaming are permitted), we are always sympathetic to the negative aspects of some peoples lives and sometimes we do need that extra bit of help; but to protect our members from feeling obliged to donate money to something that doesn’t directly affect us we cannot permit these types of posts.

Charity Events hosted by Subversive Gaming are exempt from this policy because all of these events are sanctioned by the Sub-Committee and/or The Council and no charity event can be scheduled without a majority ruling by these democratic bodies within the community.