Appeals and Hearings Policy

Policy passed by The Council 10th November 2020

This policy allows more rights to those who have action taken against them as a result of an OPR investigation. They would be entitled to the following:
  1. A hearing that in a sense, would be like any court. OPR would “prosecute” and the offender would be given the chance to defend themselves. During this, they may not attempt to cast blame on The Council or OPR for their breach. If there is something they wish to discuss on that matter they must DM the Deputy Director.
  1. They would be entitled to appeal any action taken by The Council following the hearing; to overturn or reconsider the action taken requires a unanimous vote.
This is designed to ensure a more fair system of discipline within a growing community, and removes the complaints that people will make about us “making stuff up” or “forcing someone out”.
The Council is the only body in Subversive Gaming who determines action taken, and they decide who is and who is not guilty of the breach OPR accuses them of; OPR does not have any powers to cast sentence, punishment or action
Should the offender feel that they’ve been unfairly judged, and they discover evidence that would cast doubt on the decision made by The Council, they can email