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What is

Subversive Gaming

Subversive Gaming is a relatively new community on the scene, launching in April 2020 we hit the ground running after months of painstaking preparation and decisions about who we wanted to be. Subversive Gaming, or SG, is set up almost on a democratic system where no major decision can be made without a vote by our Council. This became a prominent feature of the community, and so far it’s something the members haven’t seen before. The Director may have created the community, and before the launch of Subversive Gaming he was in control, but once we launched everything that could alter the progress or status of the community had to be run through The Council. 

The Council is a democratic body within the highest ranks of Subversive Gaming that has up to six members, either founding or long standing, that have an equal say in any matter brought before them. The most important role for The Council is to decide what disciplinary action should be taken against someone who’s breached one of our few codes of conduct. Other clans or communities have just one person who decides, and that becomes a recipe for dictatorship rather than community.

So Subversive Gaming truly is a community that is built for the people, by the people. We’re prideful about this, we’re prideful about being a fair democracy and we’re prideful about providing a quality gaming experience.

Meet the

Subversive Gaming Council

CEO DoctorCyn Subversive Gaming


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Freshdigz Subversive Gaming Director of Community Division


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Carnality Subversive Gaming Director of Office of Professional Responsibility



Our CEO, DrCyn thought out what he wanted from a gaming community after taking a hard look at the clans and communities out there today. He wanted something that would feel like a home to the adult gamer and would subvert the expectations people have when joining a community nowadays.

Subversive Gaming to DrCyn needed to be free of toxicity, petty power plays and most of all it needed to be something that even the newest members could contribute ideas to. Subversive Gaming was to be and always will be built by the people, for the people.


Gen, Gena or Genasid33 has been a close friend of the CEO since the rise of a Grand Theft Auto: Online crew almost five years ago. A kind soul with a good rapport with members, Gen is someone that DrCyn trusted implicitly to be an impartial Councillor and effect positive action through her position on The Council.

A former Executive Assistant Director, our rank for platform leader, Gen contributed a vast amount of time to growing our PC Division but after COVID-19 swept through the world, she amicably stepped down so she could make way for someone who would be able to carry the division further.

Gena is an original co-founding member of Subversive Gaming.


Whisper, our snappy Australian chick, is someone who thinks only about what’s best for the community. She worked with OUR CEO for close to two years in a previous community and always gave more of herself than was expected. Whisper worked on events, management of members and offered sound advice.

She’s always been a good friend to the members in Subversive Gaming, and the minute you get processed into the community she’s a friend to you. The fact that power never warped her mind when she held a “Senior Rank” previously, Whisper was a candidate for Councillor from the beginning.

Whisper is an original co-founding member of Subversive Gaming.


Freshdigz is the Director of our Community Division, meaning that he’s in charge of ensuring the machine keeps running, leaders are on top of their responsibilities and every two weeks cleaning house. The community side of Subversive Gaming is arguably the most important to Subversive Gaming as it contains all of our casual gamers and they are who we initially built the organisation for. As a person, Freshdigz is one of those kind and thoughtful people who not only makes a solid leader that members will follow but also a great friend. This makes him one of the perfect candidates for the role.

He’s a relaxed and not afraid to ask questions, so our leaders and members alike are in a stable gaming environment knowing that there’s someone at the helm who will ask for help when he needs it, or for advice if he’s unsure.

The Council unanimously voted to add Freshdigz to The Council: 29th October 2020


One of the members that has been here since close to founding, MJ has always been the wise, level headed and often right advisor both as a member, a leader and now as a Councillor. Promoted to Deputy Director over our Community Division, he’s making decisions that help the community and also progress it. He sources potential leadership, flags potential issues but isn’t afraid to ask for help on the occasions he needs it.

He’s always been someone The Council has discussed as Council material, but they wanted to wait until he was at a rank where he could handle the extra workload of meetings and other Councillor related duties and we’re excited that he’s now going to have an equal vote and significant say in what happens here in Subversive Gaming.

The Council unanimously voted to add MJ to The Council: 29th October 2020


Carnality has been someone that Subversive Gaming founders can’t remember a time without him being there. He’s always had a presence within the community, then he was in community leadership at a senior level for a time and now he’s the Director of our Office of Professional Responsibility. The division of our leadership team that is an independant and impartial entity, and they handle all breaches of our Codes of Conduct and policies.

So far there’s not been much for OPR to do, but on the cases that have been handled by Carnality; he’s proven to be reliable, with integrity and fair. He’s recommended action proportionate to the breach and never let his personal meet his professional.

Usually, the head honcho is the one that would be on The Council (The Director of OPR) but Carnality no doubt will reach that rank within the next few months and no one else is in the running for that particular race.

The Council unanimously voted to add Carnality to The Council: 29th October 2020

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