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Subversive Gaming

The Exciting New Gaming Community For Gamers, by Gamers

What is

Subversive Gaming

Subversive Gaming is a relatively new community on the scene, launching in April 2020 we hit the ground running after months of painstaking preparation and decisions about who we wanted to be. Subversive Gaming, or SG, is set up almost on a democratic system where no major decision can be made without a vote by our Council. This became a prominent feature of the community, and so far it’s something the members haven’t seen before. The Director may have created the community, and before the launch of Subversive Gaming he was in control, but once we launched everything that could alter the progress or status of the community had to be run through The Council. 

The Council is a democratic body within the highest ranks of Subversive Gaming that has up to six members, either founding or long standing, that have an equal say in any matter brought before them. The most important role for The Council is to decide what disciplinary action should be taken against someone who’s breached one of our few codes of conduct. Other clans or communities have just one person who decides, and that becomes a recipe for dictatorship rather than community.

So Subversive Gaming truly is a community that is built for the people, by the people. We’re prideful about this, we’re prideful about being a fair democracy and we’re prideful about providing a quality gaming experience.

Meet the

Subversive Gaming Council

DrCyn Cyn Clarke Subversive Gaming CEO Founder


Carnality Subversive Gaming Senior Leadership


Exile Subversive Gaming Marketing Director


K1lltaken Subversive Gaming Leadership



iYoked Subversive eSports Management


RuluRoss Subversive Gaming Leadership



Our CEO, DrCyn thought out what he wanted from a gaming community after taking a hard look at the clans and communities out there today. He wanted something that would feel like a home to the adult gamer and would subvert the expectations people have when joining a community nowadays.

Subversive Gaming to DrCyn needed to be free of toxicity, petty power plays and most of all it needed to be something that even the newest members could contribute ideas to. Subversive Gaming was to be and always will be built by the people, for the people.


Carnality has been someone that Subversive Gaming founders can’t remember a time without him being there. He’s always had a presence within the community, then he was in community leadership at a senior level for a time and now he’s the Director of our Office of Professional Responsibility. The division of our leadership team that is an independant and impartial entity, and they handle all breaches of our Codes of Conduct and policies.

So far there’s not been much for OPR to do, but on the cases that have been handled by Carnality; he’s proven to be reliable, with integrity and fair. He’s recommended action proportionate to the breach and never let his personal meet his professional.

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to retain Carnality to the New Council 03/26/21. He was also a Councillor on the “old Council”, but the Forum members voted to retain him. 


Exile is one of our most dedicated leaders here in Subversive Gaming, and has actively contributed through driving our community leadership team forward to be better, developing our Marketing Department as Marketing Director and now after the Forum voted in favour of naming Exile a Councillor, she is able to contribute further with her voice on major decisions within the brand.

All members and leaders think of Exile as someone who will always support them, and Subversive Gaming. As a leader, she’s fantastic and is everything people love about Subversive Gaming and as a friend we all love her to pieces.

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to add Exile to the New Council 03/26/21


K1lltaken, currently filling the positions of Supervisory Special Agent within our community leadership team (essentially an assistant manager for the division) and the new spot of Marketing Manager. K1lltaken is someone that everyone enjoys having around, and the fact that the Forum all voted to have him as a Councillor shows this. He’s someone that a lot of Assistant Directors in the Community Division have relied upon time and time again. We’re lucky to have him here, and look forward to seeing what he brings to the table as a Councillor.

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to add K1lltaken to the New Council 03/26/21


Gemini immediately hit the ground running when he joined Subversive Gaming back in October 2020, starting off in Community Division leadership and then he led the charge on Subversive eSports being launched. Currently, Gemini is our Director of eSports and he’s ensuring that everything that our brand represents is what people see when our teams play in leagues and tournaments. Starting an eSports team is hard enough, but with Gemini’s model we’re able to build teams simultaneously and spread the word.

It’s no surprise that Gemini managed to get nominated onto the Council, every minute he’s got free he’s planning something to further his division and its showing. You can read more about Gemini over on our Subversive eSports website, which is launching soon!

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to add Gemini to the New Council 03/26/21


iYoked joined Subversive Gaming as a prospective manager for a League of Legends team late in 2020, and when given the green light to do so we had over one hundred applications over one weekend to join the new teams. After around two weeks, iYoked had selected his two teams and announced the roster! He went on leave for a long period as he’s in the military, but upon coming back he heard that he’s considered a “legend” among the people in both the Community Division and the eSports Division.

Before he left, he was promoted to Deputy Director of eSports, and it is well deserved. Now he’s back, and everyone was excited to see him on discord again but it’s really a testament to what he means to Subversive Gaming when he was nominated by the Forum to be a Councillor. We’re excited to see what’s next for iYoked and eSports, the next year for the brand is going to be big and we can’t wait!

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to add iYoked to the New Council 03/26/21


RuluRoss has always been part of the fabric of Subversive Gaming, and joined us in July 2020. As a member, Rulu was as active as she could be and would attend our game nights all the time. She’s someone who appears harmless and sweet, but you get her in a game of Cards Against Humanity and it’s incredibly fun to see her shatter that appearance whilst making us all laugh all night.

Recently, RuluRoss was promoted into the Community Division Leadership team as a stepping stone to join our Office of Professional Responsibility. This division of leadership is not a popular one, as it centers around policing our codes of conduct and policies. However, RuluRoss brings a new light to the division and makes it less dark and dreary. She has fun, and puts people at ease! Within the last month, Rulu was promoted to Assistant Director of OPR and it’s well deserved! We cannot wait to see what she brings to the table as a Councillor, because the Forum voted her onto the Council too! It’s been an exciting few months, what’s next?

After a vote, a Forum of members voted to add RuluRoss to the New Council 03/26/21

Subversive Gaming's

Event Calendar!

Here’s the events calendar that shows everything we’ve got going on in Subversive Gaming, we’ll be putting everything from community events to eSports scrimmages onto the calendar so that way everyone can keep up to date with what we’ve got going on here!

If you’re liking what you see, then feel free to join us! We welcome everyone to participate so join the discord and get stuck in!

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